Team Development and Dynamics

The primary objective of our team interventions is to facilitate open and honest discussion for the team to find unique solutions to their unique issues.

What we do

Our interventions increase understanding of personality, team role, and leadership style, and examine the key issues that hinder team efficiency. We then move the team towards generating solutions.

What we’ve done

The issues facing each team are unique, and require a unique and tailored approach. Some broad objectives of our team workshops have been:

  • Creating a deeper understanding of different leadership styles in the team
  • Exploring the personalities and dynamics that exist in the team
  • Examining the role of leadership in the team
  • Addressing the team dynamics and current issues
  • Developing a team charter or code of conduct
  • Generating solutions and clear action steps

We use a combination of some of the following tools:

  • MBTI, Belbin Team Roles, Lumina Team Wheel, or Team 360° Review
  • Academic articles on Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Journals – team members reflect on their own leadership styles
  • Team Journals – team members observe team dynamics prior to the intervention
  • Keep-Stop-Start feedback process
  • ‘Un-discussables’ – surfacing and clustering the team issues that are too hot to handle
  • Team Chartering – facilitating the agreed way forward for the team.