Diversity & Inclusion

What we do

Diversity and Inclusion is about realizing that we are all unique and that we are all different. Our workshops are about celebrating our uniqueness and understanding and respecting our differences. All corporates are in some way a microcosm of the society in which they operate. The need for this kind of work in our country is now stronger than ever as we grapple with finding a national identity that is inclusive and tolerant.

Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion work is highly experiential. Our experienced facilitators use their experience to crate a safe environment for people to reflect on themselves and talk about how D&I issues play out in the workplace. We approach this in a fun, creative and highly experiential way. No long boring PowerPoint presentations, no lecturing style facilitators telling groups on what they should be doing. Instead we ensure that we maintain interest and engagement through using different modalities like video, activities, story telling and industrial theatre.

We address tough discussion points around use and abuse of power and privilege, spend time understanding our unconscious biases, and get participants to take personal responsibility for creating the kind of inclusive and diverse culture that they would like to work in.

In order to get the balance right between challenging people and retaining a safe environment requires very experienced and knowledgable facilitator. Our team has huge collective experience working with corporates in various sectors as well as working with NGO’s as well as in the public sector. Our diverse team have worked together for over a decade and have developed a unique chemistry that ensures a fun, challenging, informative and eye opening experience for all delegates. Our approach remains consistent, but we always customise the workshops to best suit the organizational culture and the target audience.

What we’ve done

Investec Bank – A 3-day programme running since 2011 rolled out in 4 main South African regions: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town

Anglo Platinum and Anglo Coal – A 2-day programme running from 2005 – 2010 working with natural work teams to surface issues of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, and to empower teams to move forward with a new spirit of cooperation. This was a large scale project using 18 facilitators and reaching several thousand employees.

ABSA Barclays – An ongoing 1-day programme across three divisions of the bank: Finance, Technology and Risk

Gold Fields – 1-day workshops for corporate head office as well as for South Deep mine.